Avicii Begins

Case Study


avicii begins

Avicii begins is an interactive Instagram comic created to promote Avicii’s new album “Stories”.

The goal with the campaign was to let people explore the new songs on the album in a fun unique way that anyone, regardless if they are Avicii fans or not could appreciate.

Play the last remaining song in the world

The campaign is based around a story about Dr Hush, an evil super villain that enslaved the world and banned all music.

The mission is to infiltrate his broadcasting station and play the last remaining song in the world to awaken the people.


A different ending every time

The story uses Instagram’s tagging functionality to let the reader decide how the story unfolds, and which new song from the album that gets used to save the world.

This means that every time people replay the story they can get a different ending with a new song from the album each time.


The campaign received 220.000 likes during the first 5 days with less than 1.000€ spent on supportive marketing.

The campaigns biggest win however, was that it made people interested in more songs than just the single. For the first time ever, all 14 tracks on the album made it to the top 100 on Spotify.


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