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Creative Labs is a creative agency that exclusively work with music acts signed by Universal Music-Sweden. The team consists of strategists, creatives and designers, hand picked from leading digital agencies and schools from around the world.

There is a distinct difference between working with products such as soft drinks, cars and software to working with actual people. Our artists will never have a slogan or become a lifestyle accessory.

As a part of the worlds biggest music company our ambitions are high. Creative Labs aims to redefine marketing strategies employed in our industry and help our artists launch long successful carers.

Eddie Persson
Head of Creative Labs

Eddie Persson

Head of Creative Labs

Josefin Lundgren

Project Manager

Ted Criborn

Creative Lead

Daniel Åberg

Lead Designer

Nils Wester-Litens

Video Strategist

Cecilia Ferrer

Content Creator

Jonathan Perlmann

Content Creator

Marcus Lackmann

Art Director / Creative

Isak Lindblom

Designer / Video Designer

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