Content creation

Content Creation

Just like an emoji carries meaning, content is a natural part of how we communicate and express ourselves. Ranging from strategies, concepts and formats to production, Creative Labs always aim to make content that is an extra tasty part of the ever-changing conversation.

Kendrick Lamar – Damn Promo 

We wanted to lift up Kendrick Lamar, as the great artist he is, by listing some bullet points. But also focus on promoting the album by playing around with the album title “Damn”.

Veronica Maggio – Unboxing

By making this unboxing video, of a special edition vinyl box, we could promote it in a more pleasing way. This is also a way to serve the fans with simple yet beautiful content.

Hov1 – Gröna Lund

With this video we wanted to highlight the night Hov1 took over the Swedish amusement park Gröna Lund. We figured this VHS and lyric infused piece would give fans that weren’t there a chance to join the fun, and fans that made it, a memory for life.

Dolly Style – Moonlight Trailer

In this Moonlight trailer for Dolly Style, we used their studio as a setting that visually corresponds with their no1 communication plattform, their youtube channel. All accompanied by the graphic style and pace of their webisodes.

Albin Johnsén – Paradiset Teaser

When you barely have any assets it can be hard to do something creative to promote a single or album. Here’s an example of when we added some effects and motion to make the artwork come alive

Rebecca & Fiona – Pop Bitches Teaser 

Instead of doing a basic teaser we wanted to do something that brought attention to the video with motion and colors. As we all know, Rebecca & Fiona is nothing nearby being basic.

Oskar Linnros – Oavsett Teaser

With footage of Oskar as a kid, teenager and from just yesterday, we wanted to create a short but poignant mood film. How you grow but nothing really changes. You’re still that kid, smoking in secret.

Dolly Style – Kanalteaser

What you see is what you get. We produced this channel teaser to give users a chance to digest all the fun thats going on over at Dolly Styles youtube channel, in a way that’s as vibrant and colorful as our star trio.

Lennert Wolfs – Hot Dogs

The Snapchat Hot Dog was going viral and we were not planning on missing that train.The Hot Dog seemed to be everywhere on social media, like the renegade birds in Hitchcocks classic…

Maja Francis – I’m Not A Disco

We wanted the artist to tell in her own words what the song is about. Going from that we created a video fitting her story.

De Vet Du – Mamma Spel

De Vet Du is charismatic group making fun and energetic music. Their new song is a love letter to their mothers. To keep it weird and fun we used their logo as a spaceship, shooting love and appreciation at the moms of the world.

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