Markus Krunegård – Restless Blood

The Swedish Indie rock artist Markus Krunegård had a new album in the pipeline called “Restless Blood”. A title that he said described how he felt during the creation process. We quickly realized that no track on the album was called “Restless blood” and came up with an idea to engage his core fans by making the song together.

We asked people to post a word or a sentence on Instagram on the subject of restlessness and tag it #Restlessblood. We also created a site where everything would be easy to see and browse trough. The next step was to print everything and let Markus Krunegård explore the lyrics, and put everything together into a complete song.

The process of him working with the lyrics, writing notes and combining sentences where released in short time-lapse videos on Instagram and Facebook.

This is where we are right now as he is currently finalizing the instrumental part of the song. Stay tuned to hear everything come together!

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    Markus Krunegård
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