Avicii – Chatbot

We wanted to give Avicii’s fans a new way interact with their idol and at the same time hook them up with the latest news from the artist.

Say hello to the Avicii bot!

Given the plattform the bot would exist on, it was important to us that it wouldn’t just feel like an information-provider. It should have a fun, quirky personality and be a someone you would like to converse with. Although: Chatbots are, at this moment in time, pretty stupid and yet to be good conversationalists. So to have a focused narrative throughout the conversations, we created pre-made lines for the users to choose from. Written in a way that felt natural for the chat.

The bot is an ongoing project and have currently had over 163.000 back and forth’s with users. Providing them with exclusive content, recommending music depending on their mood and making it easier for the Avicii-team to push news without it feeling forced.

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