Avicii – Music Box

In 2016, when Avicii announced through an open letter that he would quit performing live, many people thought that was it. His departure from stage was perceived as him stepping down for good. During the time leading up to the release of the EP ‘Avīci’, his core fans knew new music was underway – however the majority of people still thought Avicii quit music forever. They remembered that letter as a goodbye.

Seen from this perspective, we had the challenge of getting the world up to speed that Avicii was back and that he was never really gone – along with the opportunity to surprise.We decided to target big influencers in 10 of Avicii’s key territories and send them something truly special. A product so cool and unique that they would want to share it in their social channels.

Our idea was a beautiful handcrafted box that through a built-in speaker played a snippet of the unreleased track You Be Love. These 10 selected influencers were the first people in the world to have exclusive access to this track and the opportunity share it with their followers. They all took it. It resulted in unboxing videos, all with their unique take, with over 3.5 million views and likes in total.

Paying influencers is expensive. This campaign got a great organic reach without any of the receivers being payed, since we packaged our message in a unique and exciting way that also added value to the influencers channels.






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