Fibes, Oh Fibes! – Album Campaign

We where asked to create a campaign for Fibes oh fibes new album. “Album”
Our idea was simple: get your face on Spotify for all eternity.

Fans where asked to submit a portrait of themselves or someone they knew and then vote on their favorite picture.

”Do you know Perez Hilton? – Do you own a tv station? – Got a truckload of campaign money? Use all tools at your disposal to get your face on Spotify for all eternity.”

500 submissions, 47.000 site visits and 15.000 votes (likes) later we had a winner. Araz Mahhini with a picture of his four year old son Agudao Mahini which now covers the front of the album.

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    Campaign, Design
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    Fibes, oh fibes!
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