Hov1 – Live stream

Hov1 is a relatively new Swedish band with a young very dedicated audience. For an upcoming release we wanted to put the fans in the spotlight and let them be the ones that could enable a new song to be heard for the first time.

The concept was a Facebook live stream of a boombox placed somewhere in Sweden. The call to action was to find it and press play.

It was a fun  simple setup. First object was to try and figure out where in Sweden the boom box was located by clues in the surroundings. Everyone worked together and after 30 minutes people thought they had solved it and groups of friends went out to find it all over Sweden.

The live stream which was the definition of slow TV went crazy when a bird flew in to frame. A live stream have that nerve, No one knows what is going to happen next and everyone wanted to hear the new song. People talked and had fun together which was awesome to witness!

After 1h a group of fans found the boom box and pressed play! After, they took over the stream by remaining on site

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