Maskinen – The A-Tractor Election

Maskinen is a Swedish Electro/Hip-hop duo. During their 2012 tour they traveled the country in an old super branded A-tractor that they both loved and hated (it was very slow).

When the tour ended, the tractor became a burden for the band as they started to get tired of all the parking tickets. So we decided to give the car it’s ultimate judgement democracy style! A great way to keep Maskinen top of mind after a long tour.

People could vote on either selling the car and giving the money to charity or to run it over with a tank. After a very one sided voting process the dark side of the swedish society won and the A-tractor got to meet it’s doom. But all was not lost. One of the doors of the car survived and later sold for 3300€ in Swedish radio’s band aid event.  An amount atleast twice as high as the price of the entire car!

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