The Arcadium

TheFatRat has over 1 billion adjusted plays on YouTube. This was achieved through a combination of the gaming community embracing his music and the fact that he allowed everyone on YouTube to use his songs by not monetizing the tracks.

We wanted to continue to help content creators use TheFatRat’s songs by making the process of finding the best song for their YouTube clips easier – so we built It’s a sync tool where people can customize TheFatRat songs and other upcoming releases on his new label ’The Arcadium’. The tool makes it possible to download different versions of the tracks tailor-made for YouTubers. For example, a 30 second trailer version and a perfect loop so you can adjust the soundtrack to the length of your video. All music here is free to use on YouTube and will not be silenced or monetized by any third parties.

The strategy of the sync tool is to give content creators the tools they need to market TheFatRat for us. It is a win/win relationship that has the possibility to create a new Electronic music superstar.

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    The Arcadium
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