Tonsatt/Edward Blom – När man festar


In May 2017 Swedish artist Tonsatt realeased “När man festar festar man” (roughly translated “when you party, you party”), featuring famous foodie and culinary historian Edward Bloom. So what happens when you feature an autotuned version of one of swedens top bon vivants , talking about partying on a talkshow? You get a huge hit of course.

Well, not of course. We had one problem. Next to no budget and no Edward Bloom. So how do you make a featuring star present in a simple and effective way, even though you don’t have access to him?


First you design cover art with an illustrated version of Edward Bloom on it. Out of that cover art you create a 2D Edward Bloom avatar. Then place that avatar in the context of upcoming Swedish feasts and celebrations. By doing so we successfully built strong visual recognition and were able to place our artist in settings like the Swedish Midsummers Eve, high school graduation etc. Settings that really corresponded well with the ethos of Edward Bloom.

What we produced was as fun and quirky as the track, and thanks to the 320 000 + people who viewed this facebook campaign we humbly consider these simple pieces a success.




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