Veronica Maggio – Ayahuasca


Veronica Maggio is a Swedish artist that is famous for her unique lyrics and story telling technique. For the song Ayahuasca we did something unexpected. We removed the vocals and the lyrics from the track. On we uploaded an instrumental version of the new song. However, the vocal track was muted. The challenge for her fans was to guess the lyrics word by word to add it back in….


Her fans needed to identify 97 words out of the 170.000 words in the Swedish language and place them in the exact right order. To make it even harder her fans were just given one guess each…

If they completed the challenge the song would instantaneously be released on Spotify. It wasn’t supposed to be easy, we wanted people to really think about which words she is most likely to use, to Google synonyms and to analyze her previous work.


The custom site we built for this allowed the vocal track to be added in dynamically with each guess. As soon as a word was discovered and unlocked the vocals for that part of the track could be heard. Another important feature was that everyone could see each others guesses in real time.  This meant that you could learn from others mistakes and made the activity a fun collaboration.

Together with news magazines, blogs and her own social media accounts we released clues and riddles that gave out important building blocks of the lyrics. This expanded the campaign beyond a single site and encouraged people of all music tastes to see if the could solve the puzzle.


At the end of the campaign the final word had 838 guesses before a 15 year old girl from Gottenburgh solved the final word “Sufletten” and unlocked the song on spotify. This triggered a remarketing activity to the 40.000 people that had been active in the campaign, which instantly took the song to Spotify top 50 in Sweden.


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