Tove Lo – We are a timebomb

The song Timebomb by the artist Tove Lo is about trying new things, meeting new people and that sometimes the best moments are those that pass with no strings attached.


For the music video release we built a social experiment based around watching the video together with a complete stranger. The perfect way to not just see the music video but to experience what it’s about.

“We don’t make plans 
cause we’re never gonna last. We’re not forever You’re not the one. You and I, we’re a timebomb.”


Press play on the Youtube player and the video starts. At the same time you get connected to another person trough a live video feed. When the music video ends the connection breaks and only a picture remain of your time together.

In the first 48 hours, 2900 Timebomb pictures where shared all over the web. Sometimes as exiting proof that someone had watched the video with Tove Lo herself!


Average time on the site was over 6 minutes, a lot longer than the music video it self. People wanted to watch the video again and again to see whom they would match with next. And with participants from over 160 countries it could be literarily anyone!

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