World’s biggest bottle flip

The soda drink that conquered YouTube!

At the end of 2016 Universal Music Sweden started It’s own influencer network called “Tiny Spaceship” with the goal to become a platform for artists, brands and influencers.The first partnership was formed with Lidl that wanted to hype their Holiday soda (Julmust).Together with the music and brands team we came up with the concept “The world’s largest bottle flip.” We developed a 3m high plastic bottle and filed it with Lidl’s award-winning soda and the You tubers “Vlad and Daniel” was chosen to perform the actual bottle flip.

The concept became the grand finale of the bottle flip trend that had been going on for the entire summer and therefore it vent viral in an instant. The video trended on Google, Reddit and Instagram and was featured on sites such as LAD bible and Buzzfeed. In total the video got over 40 million views.

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